Top Five Highest-Paid Athletes In The World



The list of the world’s Highest-Paid athletes is probably a long one considering the amount of different sports we have in the world. For example there are several high paid athletes in the league of basketball or any other Major League Sports arena for that matter.

But if we were to go down a list of all the highest-paid athletes, it would probably take us from now to next month to do so.

With that in mind we are just going to focus on the top five highest-paid athletes in the world according to Forbes.


Number one on our list is none other then Cristiano Ronaldo, 31 years of age. According to the Forbes list of the highest- paid athletes in the world, Ronaldo has a lot to be happy about.

The FIFA’s three-time best player in the world. In six consecutive seasons he has broken the 50-goal mark for Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary as a soccer player in Real Madrid is a whopping cool $50 million a year. Rolando huge following in social media has a lot to do with the sponsorship he receives from companies such as Nike, Monster headphones, and Tag Heuer to name a few. Just last year alone, Ronaldo banked $88 million.


As we continue, our next candidate for highest-paid athletes in the world is, Lionel Messi, a native of Argentina.

Lionel Messi, 31, is known as an extraordinary soccer player worldwide. He has won the FIFA’S player of the year five times. His playing contract includes plenty of bonuses. Messi’s salary is $53.4 million not including the $28 million he gets for endorsement. Making him our second highest-paid athlete on this list.


A young boy from Akron, OH in the U.S. Once dreamt about making it to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and made his dream come true when the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him 13 years ago. LeBron James, 31, is third on our list.

King James, as he is referred to in the NBA league gave Cleveland its first Championship title in any sports in 40 plus years. LeBron was given a lifetime contract by Nike, which had not done so in 44-years of Nike history. Last season King James playing salary was $23.2 million and $54 million in endorsement. Not bad for a poor kid from Akron, OH.

The next person on our list is an extraordinary Tennis player from Switzerland.


Roger Federer, 35, played Tennis for 16 years until finally retiring because of back problems in may of 2016. Throughout the course of his career Federer has earned $98 million in prize money. Federer endorsement deal with companies such as Rolex, Nike and Mercedes-Benz, earns him $60 million.

This next fellow is known throughout his circle of friends as a humble guy. It’s not hard to believe he’s on the top five of Forbes list as one of the highesest-paid athletes because when he’s on the basketball court athleticism is impeccable.


Kevin Durant, 28, is a NBA basketball player From the U.S. Durant was signed to Oklahoma City Thunders until July 2016 when he his contract with the Thunders was done and signed with the Golden States Warrior. He recently launched an underwear line in partnership with Neff and Foot Locker. Durant made $56.2 million last year and that’s including his endorsement deals with Nike.

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