A Heartwarming Moment


In an extraordinary effort to help his bullied classmate fit in, a student bought his classmate a pair of Air Jordan and now the video is being shown on the Internet, proving that kindness still exist.

The black student who bought his bullied white classmate the pair of sneakers is heard on the video saying “I bought you some Js. I heard [inaudible] bullying you and stuff and picking on you.”

In Disbelief the other student asked “Are you for real?”

“Yeah bro. I swear bro,” the black student replied

Yet in a state of shock, the bullied kid states, “I don’t know what to say….”

As the black student telld the bullied classmate about the sneakers, he then urges him “put them on,” and when the student does put them on, an affectionate hug is shared amongst them.

You can hear the female student who is recording the noble gester taking place say, “I can cry right now. That is so sweet.”

In a place where students are constantly being bullied it is always a breath of fresh air to know there are some people with a kind heart.



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