Dad’s Who Are Chubby Live Longer




So apparently middle-aged men who are chubby have a better chance of living longer then men who are thinner according to an anthropology professor at Yale University by the name of Richard G. Bribiescas.

According to Professor Bribiescas, the chubbier a men is the lower his testosterone level, which in turn lower his chances to partake in risky, life-threatening activities and more attentive to look after his family.

“Change in body composition….causes men to shop for more comfortable trousers,” states Bribiescas. Increasing “survivorship and, hypothetically, a hormonal milked that would more effectively promote and support paternal investment,” He adds.

The Professor also states that chubbier men with low testosterone level are less likely to suffer “heart attacks and prostate cancer.”

Men who have maintained a high level of testosterone their whole life are more likely to “contribute to prostate hyperplasia and cancer,” stated Bribiescas.

Professor Bribiescas says that his finding apply to men who are slightly chubby and that you shouldn’t go out and eat excessively.



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