New York Police Officers Shot And Killed



A police sergeant was shot and killed and another badly wounded on Friday in what reports say was something out of a movie. The incident took place in the Bronx area in New York City.

The sergeant, who went by the name Paul Tuozzolo was of 41 years of age, and was married with two kids.

Reports say the officer was responding to a call of an armed home invasion when he was fatally shot and killed.

Police say the suspect was also killed in the shoot out.

According to the New York Post police spotted the suspects vehicle and began to give chase. Officers chased the vehicle several blocks before cornering the suspect.

Manuel Rosales, whom is presume to be the suspects name, exited his vehicle and opened fire on the officers unexpectedly, wounding the officer twice.

Rosales was then gunned down by fellow police officers who were on the scene.

One law- enforcement stated that officer who shot and killed the suspect was “pretty heroic” for shooting back at the gunmen even though he was under fire.

Sgt. Emmanuel Eko, who was the other officer shot, suffered several gunshots to his right leg. Reports say he is in critical condition.

In a shocking twist the person who called officers to the home invasion location was Rosales childs’ mother. She claims Rosales held her hostage in her apartment for 4 hours.

The New York Post tried to contact the woman but she declined to speak with them.


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