Police Justify Tasering 8 Year-Old Girl



An 8-year old girl was Taser by police officers in Pierre, South Dakota and now the child’s mother has Filed a law suit against the Dakota police Department but they claim to be justified in tasering the child.

When several police officers saw that the young girl held what appeared to be a pocket knife they figured she was “a danger to herself,” forcing them to tasering her.

The child’s mother believe the officers acted irrational and that they could had use a different kind of means to subdue the child who weighted 70-pounds.

The incident took place back in 2013 and relatives have since hired legal experts and through their community leaders have publicly addressed the police irrational behavior.

The law suit filed by the childs family attorney states the the officers discharged their teaser guns into the child’s torso “within seconds” .

“Force of the electricity shot through her body, lifted her, and threw her against a wall,” Reads document. And that after the girl had been “stunned” with “high voltage” officers took out the “Taser darts ” in the girls chest and administrated medical treatment before calling the ambulance.

The chief of police in Pierre maintain his officers acted accordingly which can be backed by months of investigations he says.


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