A Heroic School Crossing Guard Dies Saving Childrens

Not every day will a person give their own life to save someone else children, but that’s exactly what Virginia Carol Leviner, a school crossing guard,did for childrens she helpes reach school every day.

Mrs. Leviner had been a school crossing guard for 35 years according to a report by CBS news.

Reports say that the incident took place around 10:20 a.m on Friday morning when children were commuting to school.

Officers say Mrs. Levine was struck by a tractor trailer which was making a turn when the accident occurred.

“The rear end of the vehicle knocked her to the ground and she struck her head,” the police chief said.

A witness by the name of kherani kessoon said that he managed to get close enough to see the victim lying on the ground after she had been ran over by “the back wheels”.

Authorities believe the heroic school guard was able to move several kids from harms way before they were seriously injured by the truck.

In remembering Mrs. Leviner, a member of the community stated that “Mrs. Carol”, as some would affectionately refer to her as was a “nice of a sweet, loving, cared-about-people-person.”

The heroic school guard was rushed to the nearest hospital but did not  survive her injuries.

Authorities said there were no signs of criminal act on behalf of the truck drive who was said to be 23 years-old.


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