Man pleas guilty to having sex with van



A strange and weird  thing has taken place in Ohio. A 35 years-old man by the name of Michael Henson has just plead guilty to public indecency.

The bazaar thing is that his victim was a car. Yes, you read right. Apparently Henson was attempting to sex a parked vehicle in Dayton, Ohio when police received a call about a man who was acting strange.

Reports say Henson “appeared to be under the influence of some type of narcotic” when he pulled out “his genital” and placed them “in the grill of the van” which was stationed on the streets.

After Henson committed the “sexual act” he lost consciousness for a short while and when he awoken he proceeded to walk away.

Police officers caught up with Henson a few blocks from where he had committed the sex crime and was arrested.


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