Former Milwaukee Police Officer Is Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Two Men



Former Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown appeared in court Thursday handcuffed and wearing an orange suit meant for inmates under suicide watch. Brown turned down his right to a preliminary hearing which would had given him the chance to determine if prosecutors had enough evidence against him. Normally when  a person waves his right to a preliminary hearing he/she is considering a plea deal from the states attorneys.

Two months ago Brown, who shot and killed Sylville Smith a 23 years-old and igniting a riot- was charged in October in connection with the rape of two males and inciting male prostitution when he was not in uniform.

Brown’s colleagues, who conducted a search to his phone, found explicit videos of Brown in a sexual act with a man along with several text messages belonging to male prostitute.

According to a CBS report, Brown was at a bar, when he encountered a man he had met on social media. They proceeded to have a couple of drinks while they conversated about the news footage of Browns late shooting of Sylville Smith.

The unidentified man states that during their conversation Brown seemed to be bragging about him being above the law as a police officer.

The man recounts leaving the bar and ending up in a bed where Brown apparently raped the man as he went unconscious.

The man remembers waking up in the hospital where he informed the medical staff about what Brown had done to him.

A text message was sent to a high ranking officer in Brown’s departments which stated that he had “a separate situation” where he had “fucked up big time” in which he needed “to handle” in “the most secret and right way possible.”

Brown was later apprehended by fellow police officer after the medical staff alerted authorities about accounts the unidentified man reported to them. Brown did not denied the sexual event but said it was consensual.

The police department suspended Brown with pay and his bail was set at $100,000 at his court hearing.


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