A Malaysian mother shackles her daughter to lamppost for cutting school.


Mom chained daughter to lamppost as punishment for cutting school


A Malaysian mother who shackles her daughter to a light pole for supposedly missing school was released from the police station after having been apprehended. The woman told the authorities it was the first time she chained her 8 year- old daughter in such manner.

As the 8 years stood chained to the lamppost, she began sucking her thumb then tears began to  rolled down her terrified face.

Onlookers tried to free the child but to no avail, leaving her until the authorities arrived at the scene about an hour later.

The small child explained to the authorities her mother had chained her to the lamppost as punishment for cutting school.

One spectator stated that although he believes in disciplining your child, chaining your child to a public lamppost was too extreme.

“The girl was quite clearly upsetand didn’t know what to do. She was sacking her thumb and had tears in her eyes…..We reported it to police and we hope that they look into the family further to make sure that the girl is not harmed again,” he said.

Shortly after authorities arrived at the scene the child’s mother suddenly reappeared and released the girl. The authorities placed the mother under arrest and took her to the nearest police station for interrogation.

Assistant Police Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari stated that the woman was released because they had determined that the mother had never chained her daughter before, but was given a warning not to do so again.


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