Teenage Boy Commits Suicide By Leaping In Front Of Train In New York City


photo by Theodore Parisienneshows police with the body of unidentified teen.

A teenage boy committed suicide early Tuesday morning by leaping in front of a subway train in New York city.

As the southbound A train pulled into 42nd St.- Port Authority station,  the teen who has not been identified leaped in front of the train shortly before 8 a.m., police said.

Inspector Thomas Ponella, who is in charge of the investigation stated that the young teen was carrying “books and a backpack with him.”

“There were several witnesses, they were pretty shaken up,” stated Inspector Thomas Ponella.

At the time the teen leaped from the platform dozens of commuters were on their way to work on Tuesday morning.

“You hear….about people jumping in front of trains, but…Oh God!…This was just a kid! A teenager!”, said a commuter who was at the scene.

“This was a teenager, a high school-age kid… There are going to be a lot of questions on this one,” stated a source.


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