Toddler and dog die in fire next to each other


A tragic fire in Spokane, Washington has claimed the life of a toddler who was in the apartment. laying next to the toddler when authorities enter the premises was a dog, mixed breed terrier and a fluffy teddy bear. Police think the dog was trying to help the child.

Authorities say the fire which also claimed the life of the dog, began at around 11:30 p.m on Friday.

Spokesman, Brian Schaefer said there were other people in the house but they managed to escape the fire.

The flames from the fire were so scorching hot the metal on the toddlers bed disintegrated. Those fighting the blazing inferno believe the mixed terrier remained with the boy to help him.
The child’s life could had been spared had there been batteries in the smoke detector. The batteries had been taken out the smoke detector

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire along with the boys tragic death.

Editors note:Please, always try to make sure that your fire detector is working properly. Accidents like these can be avoided.


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