President Obama’s Half-Brother Endorses Trump.

President Barack Obama and Malik Obama are half-brother. But both share two different view as to who they hope to be the next commander in chief of the United States of America. President Obama has openly endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Presidents brother has recently announced that he will attend the final presidential debate held in Las Vegas but only he will be there to endorse Donald Trump.

The presidents half-brother tells The post how “excited to be at the debate” he is going to be. He utters that “Trump can make America great again.”

Malik Obama is not buying the whole Donald Trump groping and kissing women in the mouth without their consent. In fact he believes the media has blown the entire accusations out of proposition.

“I don’t believe them” he says about the women’s who have accused Trump of sexual assault.

“Why didn’t they come forward before” he continued.

It’s quite difficult to understand how Malik Obama believe that the women who have told their accounts of the events in which Donald Trump has sexually assaulted them can be considered to be lying.

There is also the hot mic recording which was leaked to the public and few weeks ago that confirm Trump’s predatory behaviour towards women.

Trump has even apologize for the lewd conversation recording.

Malik also elaborates on how poorly Mrs. Clinton has performed to help the chaos in Libya since the ousting of Libya then president Moammar Khadafy and how terrible the conditions are in Libya now.

It also appeared that Malik holds some kind of resentment towards the u.s president for not being able to help support The Barack H. Obama Foundation which was named after both their Kenyan father, in a effort “to help the family’s village of Kogelo, Kenya,”

Malik also complained that he was not received well at the white House when he visited president Obama.

But we here at wondered if Malik had ever visited president Barack Obama prior to becoming the most powerful man in the world or was he just simply trying to smooch off his younger sibling when he visited the White House.

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