Danger Of Skin Whitening/ Bleaching


These are some of the results from skin Whitening/Bleaching

Bleaching your skin can have a long lasting negative affect to your skin. Nevertheless bleaching has become a phenomenon in certain parts of the world especially in predominant black community.

Artists such as Byonce, Nicky Minaji, Rianna, lil kim, Sammy Sosa and Movado just to name a few, have been rumored to have gone through the process of skin bleaching. Which in turn influence our youth to imitate and they end up using faulty products.

Some of these artists have denied whitening their skin but as you can see a picture speaks a million word.


Artist who have been rumored to have used skin whitening/bleaching products

The purpose for Skin bleaching  or whitening as is called is suppose to be for getting rid of the dark spots on the skin. But with so many different types of skin bleaching products on the market it has become nearly impossible to weed out a decent product.

A person can treat skin discoloration and black spots through the process of skin bleaching or whitening, but there are serious side effects through this process. In fact some of this products can cause skin cancer. Dermatologist recommend you research these products for potential side effects before applying it to your skin.

The following is a list of the side effects some of these skin bleaching or whitening products can cause.

There is nothing safe about using skin bleaching products. In fact skin Whitening products are harmful. There are other alternatives to whitening skin.

One safer method  would be to mix a tablespoon tomato juice in with a tablespoon of oatmeal along with a tablespoon of yogurt. Mix these items well until it’s paste like. Then apply to face.Leave substance on face for approximately a half hour than rinse with warm water. Tomato are filled with with vitamin C which helps the development of the skin along with its health. Tomatoes also contain bleaching components such as antioxidants.

Another safer way to whitening skin is by using besan. Mix 2 1/2 tbsp  of flawless besan, 1 1/2 tbsp of milk cream, and  1 tbsp of  freshly sliced  lemon. Apply on face for approximately 20 minutes and than rinse with cold water due to possible irritation caused by the lemon juice. Thanks to the vitamin China and nutrients found in milk and lime your skin will shine. For best results repeat this procedure twice a week.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting to obtain a lighter skin complexion. But with all those chemical packed in all of those over the counter skin Whitening can result in skin Cancer, liver damage, asthma  and in some cases severe birth defects. It is better to seek out safer remedies  to skin  bleaching. There are plenty of homemade remedies which will accomplish what those over the counter products  promise to do but do not hold up.


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