Man From Michigan Found Guilty For Killing Infant “Baby Kate”.


Sean Phillips and “Baby kate”

Sean Phillips 26, father of Katharine Phillips, who went missing five years ago is looking at life in prison for the death of his daughter who was dub “Baby Kate”.

During trail Sean Phillips was found guilty of second-degree murder. There’s no set date for sentencing.

Ms. Ariel Courtland, ex- girlfriend my Mr. Phillips reported to authorities Phillips wrote a letter to her while he was in prison describing what he had done to their infant baby in vivid details.

It did not take the jury long to return with a guilty verdict yesterday. The jury was instructed by the judge prior to commencing trail that there were no evidence for a first-degree murder.

Katherine Phillips was only 4 months when she went missing back in 2011. Til this day police have not recovered the “Baby Kates” body.

Mr. Phillips letter to one time girlfriend Ariel Courtland was a crucial piece of damned evidence to convict Sean Phillips. Phillips describes how he “held her for a long time” and also adding how “Baby Kate” was in a “peaceful place”.

Donna Pendergast, Assistant Attorney General responded “A peaceful place? Out in the wilds, so animals could eat her in the wild?” Also adding “Babies just don’t end up naked in the woods. Someone has to put them there.”

Mr. Phillips attorney, David Glancy pointed that the evidence on his client did not “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” little Katharine was dead or that anyone had killed her.

David Glancy points out that, “If you there was some act that Sean did that raise his culpability, it’s at most involuntary manslaughter, a gross negligence”.


Sean Phillips leaving courtroom after being found guilty for the murder of his 4 months infant baby. (Photo by JOEL BISSELL/AP


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