Celebrities With HIV.


HIV/AIDS  Its not a subject rarely talked about any more. Specially when it pertains to famous Hollywood celebrities and well known public figures. Men or women,  young or old, gay or straight, celebrity or not are not exempt from contracting HIV/AIDS. The HIV virus attacks the immune system by destroying your white cells.

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This first celebrity was one of the first person to ever come forward declaring his positive status. Earvin “magic” Johnson announced to the public he had tested positive for HIV in 1991, ending his basketball career. Johnson was drafted to the NBA in 1979 to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was awarded three  MVP, and Olympic Gold Medal, won five NBA championship, and 12 All-Star Games. Magic Johnson is an advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness.


Robert Reed, known as Mike Brady on the Brady Bunch. In 1991 Robert Reed learned he had Colon cancer . A year later he passed away. Everyone assume cancer was the cause until his death certificate was revealed and surprisingly enough everyone learned Reed had HIV. Reed had keept his gay life private.


If you grow up in the 80s chances are you may recognize this next person. Danny Pintauro played Johnathan Bower on the hit sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” and Tony Danza as the lead character. Pintura also starred in the hit film Cujo as Paul Ryan. In 2015 he appeared on an “Oprah’s: Where Are They Now?” and reveled that he been HIV positive since 2003. He currently lives in Las Vegas.

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This next person is infamous for playing the sicko on the film Psycho as Norman Bates. Anthony Perkins was a 1956 Academy Award nominated actor for his great performance in “Friendly  Persuasion”. Perkins was diagnosed with HIV in the mid 1980s. He passed away in 1992 from  AIDS related pneumonia.

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If you’re a fan of Gangsta Rap you will know that Eric Lynn Wright, Eazy-E, was influential at the rise of Gangsta Rap early 1990s. Write formed part of the group N.W.A  by 1987, then releasing the album, Straight Outa Compton a year later. In 1995 Eazy-E was rush to the hospital for what was thought to be “an asthma attack” turned out to be an advanced stage of AIDS. Wright died shortly after.

” I’m not religious, but wrong or right, that’s me…….I’m not saying this because I’m looking for a  soft cushion where I’m heading. I just feel I’ve got thousands and thousands of young fans that have to learn about what’s really when it comes to AIDS”stated Eazy-E.

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Arthur Ashes winner of sevaral  Grand Slam singles titles along with two more double titles throughout his tennis career. Ashe hold record of being the only black man to ever win the singles titles at the Australian Open, United States Open or Wimbledon.  And he was  a 1985 Tennis Hall of Famer. Throuģh the process of a heart bypass surgery Ashes accidentally was infected with the HIV virus due to a blood transfusion. He passed away in 1993  from pneumonia related to HIV. President Bill Clinton awared Arthur Ashes with the Presidential Medal of Freedom  a few months after his death.

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Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen made headlines in interview with Good Morning America  where he announced he was HIV positive. Sheen reported paying millions in order to keep healthy and not succumbing to his death. He has recently been shopping a new reality TV show related to living with his illness.

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Lastly on this list, Andrew Sullivan who has worked with Time and The Atlantic. Graduate from Oxford University with a Bachelor of Arts, along with a PhD from Harvard. Sullivan has lived with HIV for years. He now lives in Massachusetts with his husband and an active advocate for HIV awareness.


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