Women Protested In Front of Trump Tower.


Photo from @RenataPumarol

Today in New York City women gather in the entrance of Donald Trump place of buisness to show solidarity in condemning Trump and Republicans for years of not recognizing women’s rights, ” anti-immigration” laws, and lack of respect for African American. For years Trump and fellow Republican have been against women ” access to healthcare” said one Malika conner.

” If Trump think he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down.” , chanted the group of women. Some women held signs that read, ” Pussy Grabs Back” in response to Trump lewd conversation where Trump is heard telling Billy Bush, who was wearing a hot mic that he [Trump] just touched women’s vigana without their consent.

New York City finest were on the scene trying to prevent  the crowd from blocking the streets but to no avail. Organizer Brigid Flaherty said, ” because we had the numbers, we were able to hold the space, and we didn’t have a problem.” And the reason peolpe wore black for the protest Mr. Flaherty said was because it showed ” a sign of militancy; That women were fighting back.”

The group of women is said to be organizing  a follow -up on the protest in the next couple of weeks reported gothamist.com.


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