Kim Kardashian Might Be Facing Criminal Charges For Insurance Fraud.


Apparently Kim Kardashian made up the whole robbery scenario which was first reported a few weeks ago.

A couple of security experts who viewed recording of a security camera within the hotel, concluded that the robbery appeared to be staged because there were no sign of someone breaking into the door as Kim Kardashian had told police.

Kim Kardashian initially told police who arrived at the scene that a group of hoodlums burst into the aparmen, tied her up and placed her in the bathroom tub and proceeded to loot the place and making out with $10 million in jewelry.

The reason expert believe the entire robbery was stage is because shortly after the incident had taken place Kim is seen in a video calm and collected, chatting on her camera phone with an unknown person.

A retired Los Angeles Police stated that he “would have expected her [Kim] to have been extremely nervous , and ill at ease. Usually cases with civilians who are not experienced with such conflict, people get shakes, they get unstable. Sometimes they get light headed or confused and I hear nothing to suggest that.”

which leads to believe Kim Kardashian concocted a story of robbery. The question remains why. Why would Kim Kardashian go through such a length.

According to, Kim made the story up to help husband Kanye West with a $53 million debt Kanye made public through social media and few months back.


“I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt…..I don’t have enough resource to create what I really can.” Tweeted Kanye west.

A former FBI agent who viewed tape, stated, “It’s intresting to me how calm she and her personal assistant appear to be, somebody that was just robbed at gunpoint. She was acting very normal, like as if nothing happened.”

The investigation is still ongoing so Kim Kardashian might have a lot to explain to police and the insurance company.

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