Maryland Teacher Under Fire For Racists Post.



A Maryland teacher who posted racist picture on her Instagram account relating to her students is in trouble.

Kelly Forostiak, 24, a Deer Park Elementary School teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, uploaded several photos of her 5th grade students with inappropriate captions  to her Instagram page.

The captions on the images were so offensive someone commented on the post by telling Forostiak that he didn’t think a person in her field of work should not be addressing her students as “little asshole on social media,” at which the school teacher reply was, “It’s okay they are 11 going on 18 Hahaha”

In one of the picture in question an African- American student, wearing a Sombrero and long-sleeved orange shirt, Forostiak captioned with, “This is an African American Mexican #HappyHalloween.”


And in a photo of her entire class gathered in what appears to be on school grounds, Ms. Forostiak captions it with, “Field day with my little assholes that I somehow still love #5GradeSwag.”


yet another more disturbing post reads, “When all the kids and staff are questioning your lipstick as you flash the B*****, I’m cute AF’ face.”

Baltimore County School spokesman, Mychael Dickerson spoke on behalf of Ms. Forostiak, stating that she was remorseful about what she had done and that she was willing to face any disciplinary action “hand down to her”. The School Spokesman also stated Ms. Forostiak was still working at the school.

“It’s an extremely poor choice of words.” Said president of BCPTAC, Emory Young to the Baltimore Sun in regards to post. She also said the teacher “Should have used something more positive and uplifting.”


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