Quickest steps to pregnancy


People don’t normally write about what’s the quickest way to becoming pregnant. It seems important enough to address considering that the human raise is a reproductive race. Both male and female at one point in their lives  feel the need to reproduce and bring forth life.  It’s just human nature. The process to pregnancy is of no secret to anyone as it requires for both mans and women to become one with one another.

But before we go ahead and  begin with the process it always a great idea to first visit your healthcare provider. Reason being that during the visit you will be able to look over your medical history and to determine the type of risk  which might occur  throughout your pregnancy stages. A series of test will be administered to you by your gynecologist, such as, blood exam, test for sexually transmitted disease, a genetic test. parenting.com


You will need to go off birth control in advance in order for this to possibly work. Sounds easy enough right? What must people aren’t aware of is that some contraception could reduce fertility long after it has been discontinued use. Wikihow.com

There’s no reason why your menstrual cycle should be any different from the cycle you had previously experienced before going on the pill.This also applies to those women who have irregular menstrual cycle as well.

Figuring out when ovulation occur should be the next step for a quick pregnancy. Ovulation normally takes place 14 days prior to last day of a  women menstrual cycle. So for instance, a woman who has a normal 28th day menstrual cycle typically ovulate near the 14th day  after her period counting first day of period as number one and for women with irregular menstrual cycle actually occur on the 10th day of her 24- day cycle and on the 21th day for women with 35-day cycle. A women body temperature normally drops around the time they are ovulating. Wikihow.com

Make sure to  have your adult time every other day, five days before ovulating begins for it will ensure your eggs and sperm meet at the right moment increasing your chances of conceiving. Even though there has been studies done showing a higher pregnancy rates by daily sexual interaction, every other day should be fine, according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.


If you or your partners are smokers,quit immediately because not only can it be harmful to your fertility  but also to your future off-springs. Practically every study done on fertility and smoking shows that smoking decreases  the chances of fertility according to ASRM. Miscarriages, premature and low birth weight babies, and increased incidence of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome are known to be associated with smoking.

And for you caffeine consumers, caffeine also has been associated with a decreased fertility and miscarriages. Studies recommend a limit of two cup per day. So try not to consume anything more then  2 cups per day. wikihow.com

Now that you and your partner have gone to see your Healthcare provider. Were administer all kinds of tests, got off birth control pills  and have your ovulation schedule down to a “T”, have quit smoking,  it’s time for the good stuff…….eating well. Typically eating means avoiding seafood high in mercury level such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel,and tilefish for they are associated with infertility. FDA recommend consuming 12 ounces a week of either one of the following seafood such as shrimps, salmon, pollock, canned light tuna and catfish. They also suggest a well balanced diet. There’s little to no evidence that any particular diet will help increase chances of getting pregnant for a women.

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