What Is The Reason For The Uprising Regarding Followers Of The Black Lives Matter Movement?

Blacklivesmatter protest

Why so much hate? It doesn’t matter what tv channel we turn to, there always violence being shown. What is the world turning into? What has people so worked up? Blacklivesmatter movements all around the world being organized. Blue lives matter and All lives matter are being organized.

Is there an uprising taking place around the world? An “awakening” of some sort as many may  call it? Do we as the people need to remain vigilant? Pretty much everything you see on media now and days deals with race and civil racial war. Blacks against whites. And in some cases whites on whites. Blacks on Blacks.

The killings of African Americans by police officers is what has the whole world bothered. The shooting and killing  of two African Americans were broadcast on social media. On both instances both men shot were unarmed.

The name of the two deceased African American were Alton sterling and philandro Castile. Alton Sterling is the one in the right with blue shirt. And Castle is the other guy killed by police officers

These two incidents have sparked an out cry for justice nationwide and in some places in Europe, Africa, and UK. Some celebrities have come out to support this movement. Rapper snoop Dogg in a post on Instagram expressed great concern about the killing of this young men’s and took to the streets for a peaceful marching to show his support.

A few weeks after the shooting death of Philandro Castile five Dallas police officer were ambushed and killed by an African American following a Blacklivesmatter protest

It is definitely time to really start looking into all of this police shootings of African American. Police officers do have it a bit hard while on duty because there really are some people committing terrible crimes but that does not give them the right to kill innocent people.

Police officers should be trained more thoroughly in dealing with civilians. There should be a level of professionalism and communication when dealing with people out on this streets. They should leave all their problems at home. No need for the public to suffer for things taking place at home. We all have our issues but we need to be able to have a cut off or turn on switch.

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