What will become of the United States if Trump were president?


There seem to be a lot of controversy surrounding presidential candidate Donald Trump. The question everyone is asking is “what would become of the United States of America if trump were to become president?”

Donald has promised he’ll build a great Wall on the border of Mexico and America. Although many U.S. voters support Donald’s proposal to build a great Wall along side more then 2,000 miles Mexico- U.S border resident living along the border are against it.

In terms of fixing the economy Donald Trump has no idea what he would do or where to begin. In fact he has stated he would rather have the current administration deal with the issues regarding the economy. He wants no part of it.

He states “we’re in a bubble. And, frankly if there’s going to be a bubble poppin, I hope they pop before I become president because I don’t want to inherited all this stuff. I’d rather it be the day before rather then the day after” and yet a month later while being interviewed he claims “I can fix it. I can fix it pretty  quickly”.

It seems Donald Trump cannot make up his mind yet he has millions of supporters. The U.S economy will plummet horribly if Trump was to becoming president specially if he was to go forward with the deportation of millions of immigrants. It would cost the federal government a whopping $400 billion to $600 billion. Reduce GDP by $1.5 trillion dollars. He would shrink the labor force by millions. This is according to the American Action Forum, and institutions based in Washington DC.

“There would be an abrupt drop in farm income and a sharp rise in food prices,” said professor of economics at the University of Virginia John McLaren.

Trump’s tax plan, which favors the rich will reduce revenue tremendously, raising the U.S  federal deficit to the roof.


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