What’s The Birth And Death Rate In The World ?


Have you ever wondered what was the life and death rate? A study done by the “Worlds Population Prospect the 2015 Revision” may surprise you. According to studies the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion in the 20th century alone. That would imply that we as the world’s population are growing at a fast pace.

  • Today’s world population is approximately 7.5 billion people. By the year 2056 10 billions of people will walk the earth.
  • There’s a birth rate of about 230,000 per day.
  • 190 birth/ 10,000 population
  • Approximately 140 million birth per year.
  • The death rate is approximately 150,000 per day.
  • 80 death/ 10,000 population
  •  50 million death per year.


It’s safe to say there is a higher birth rate in the world compared to people who die every day. Death is inevitable but we must live life.


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