Were African American Slaves Really Fed Well, As Described By O’Reilly?


According to Bill O’Reilly from the Fox News Channel  African slaves working in the White House were “well fed and had decent lodging provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave in 1802. However, the feds did not forbid subcontractors from using slave labor. So, Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builder if the White House, but there were others working as well”, stated O’Reilly.

In all actuality slaves who were brought to America were fed horribly.  There diet consisted of corn meal, molasses, a bit of meat, flour, peas and what ever else the slave owner felt generous given. And the food was supposed to last the slaves a week. reference.com

Slaves who were living in the north were typically fed and treated  far better then those in the south due to the slave owners financial status as well as their personal belief. Nevertheless, slaves everywhere were never given enough food to eat. reference.com

Typically “food ration given to the enslaved were weekly, monthly or rarely, daily disbursement of nourishment, and they were often in adequate…… thus ‘typically’ rations for an enslaved person are not easily encapsulated by one account” but there are documents that show slave did not meet the daily nutrients.

Even those who were working in the White House were not fed properly. In fact they were treated like mules. Did double the work as those who O’Reilly described as “others working as well”. Abigail Adams, another first lady, gives a description of slaves living in the White House as “half fed and destitute of clothing”

Slaves who were well skilled in labor and prized well could be able to receive more food, women who were pregnant received lower portion of food. Slaves who were too old for labor duty stop receiving allowances given by some slave owner. Children’s were feed largely on mush general filled with chips of wood and parasites.

In the south slaves from Mississippi were half starved. And when boats stop there at night slaves would board the boat begging for something to eat according to Tobias Boudinot, who wrote about the condition of slaves.

Frederick Law Olmsted who visited Mississippi in 1853 stated the following:

“A cast mass of the slaves pass their lives, from the moment they are able to go afield in the picking season till they drop worn out in the grave, in incessant labor, in all sorts of weather, at all season of the year, without any other change or relaxation than is furnished by sickness, without the smallest hope of of any improvement either in their condition, in their food, or in their clothing, which are of the plainest and coarsest kind, and indebted solely to the forbearance or good temper of the overseer for exception from terrible physical suffering”  Wikipedia

So no, slaves brought to America and those that worked in the White House were never treated like normal people. And were not fed properly. O’Reilly should had done some researcn before going on national television and making such a ridiculous comment and attempt at trying to minimize how terrible slaves were treated in America


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