Can A Person With HIV Find love ?

By Emerson A. 

Some may think that once an individual has been diagnosed with the virus that cause AIDS your chances of finding love may dwindle. But truth be told  those with that mind frame are far from the truth.  Being HIV positive is not a death sentence. Lots of people are able to bounce back to dating even with HIV.

“Love, how beautiful it is! This is so important for people living with HIV/AIDS…to have someone who loves you and can see you beyond the disease…..”

It can be awfully discouraging to continue living a normal life once a person is aware they are infected. Lots of people in the world are not well informed about being HIV positive. People who are not familiar with how HIV works assume they can get infected by a simple touch of a person with the virus. Completely false. You cannot get infected by kissing, touching, breathing, neither through the exchange of saliva.

The most common ways for a person to get infected with HIV is by sharing needles and unprotected sex.

“I AM HIV POSITIVE”… and clicked Send… I felt like throwing up in that moment waiting for her response …anxious… everyrhing. IT’S NOT EASY! (

Being HIV positive not only messes with your well being but your self-esteem as well. A person with HIV might feel  worthless. Self-esteem  diminishes. It’s as if your whole world has come down on you.

” ..after all these years living with my diagnosis and thinking about the journey and what I thought when I was initially diagnosed (I’ll NEVER GET MARRIED)…been blessed with a wife so loving and attentive to me… the perfect compliment “

Once a person has found out that he/she is infected with the virus that causes AIDS the key is to seek help dealing with your sickness. Your doctor’s will guide you on what needs to be done in order to deal with the AIDS virus. Do not give up because your next true love might be around the corner.

“People just do not know how important it is to love and be loved for us…..”

A person now a days who is HIV positive can find love. The key is to seek relationship with others who too are HIV positive. There are plenty of open minded people out in the world. Be honest with people who seem interested in you. Condoms are not a %100 guarantee but if use properly it can protect others from being infected with the HIV virus if they are willing to have a relationship with you after you’ve told them about your status.

” It is not easy to reveal our HIV status, but I guess I have a method to my madness… almost all my life I’ve been with HIV-negative partners.”  THEBODY.COM

Being HIV positive shouldn’t have to be the end of the world for you. There’s a person for everyone in this world. There are approximately 36 million people worldwide who are HIV positive and 1.8 million out if those are children. But most of this people find ways to continue living a normal life.

“Although I am very lucky in these 28 years of living with the virus, no has rejected me! I have gained respect for giving them the option!!! I have to be honest…..”

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